Just playing snooker. It’s experiencing the ambience.

Dubai Snooker club is proud to possess 12 snooker tables of Tournament Class and steel blocks with fine accuracy. The seating gallery is meticulously designed for the comfort and ease of the spectators. There are seating arrangements on all sides of the tables for the players to relax comfortably. The snooker tables are created catering to the international standards. The lively ambience of the snooker hall will definitely instigate an enthusiastic addiction for the game.

Enjoy the game with delicious snacks at Snooker club. The snacks are chef’s best choice to make your finger lick on every shot of snooker ball. The aim set on snooker club is not only to entertain you with snooker tables, but get you full appetite during the snooker battle.

The delicacies we offer will definitely pamper you palate. We believe in the motto “Food preparation is an art” which could be mastered only by a gifted few. Each dish we offer is a craft in itself creating a unique experience for the snooker enthusiasts tantalizing the taste buds.